Black Teacup Westiepoo Puppies Breeders: Westie Poodle Mix

Black Teacup Westiepoo Puppies Breeders: Westie Poodle Mix

Black Teacup Westiepoo Puppies Breeders: Westie Poodle Mix

Small, sweet and too cute for words, the Westiepoo is one of the original designer dogs and is now a popular choice of pet internationally. Mixing the plucky West Highland White Terrier with the obedient and smart Poodle has resulted in a little dog that is full of personality. As separation anxiety can become an issue for some, potential owners should be sure they have enough time available to spend with this dependent dog.

While Westies are renowned for their pure white coat, mixing them with the Poodle has resulted in progeny that can have cream, brown or even black fur. Rarely measuring much more than 40cm, these dogs are quite petite and can thrive in apartments and small houses.

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About & History

One of the original designer dogs developed in the 1970s, the Westiepoo – also known as the Westiedoodle or Wee-Poo – is a sweet little companion that is a combination of the West Highland White Terrier and either the Toy Poodle or the Miniature Poodle. Though precise records are lacking, most agree that the first mating likely occurred in the USA. While we may only have a few years of historical information available for the Westiepoo, we know plenty about their popular parents.

The West Highland White Terrier

The West Highland White Terrier is also known as the ‘Westie’ and comes from Scotland; as is true of many similar Terrier breeds, including the Skye Terrier and Cairn Terrier. A small and feisty dog, Westies were originally used to hunt vermin. While they would have once been available in a variety of colours, they are now only bred with white fur.

The Poodle

The Poodle is thought of by many as the ‘king’ of the Designer Dog world as they feature in so many different crossbreeds. Their near domination of the hybrid community is most likely due to a combination of their size variations (allowing for breeders to offer height options), hypoallergenic fur and sweet, intelligent natures. Though many associate the Poodle with France, it is more likely to have originated in Germany.

A breed that has always loved to swim, the Poodle was once used to retrieve prey from both land and water. The famous ‘Poodle clip’ is thought to have been an attempt to minimise tangling and matting when in the water, rather than a fashion statement.


Westiepoo Large Photo

A compact dog with a rectangular body and a proportionate head, the Westiepoo is quite a small dog that tends to reach heights of 33cm to 43cm. When mature, they will usually weigh in at around 9kg to 13kg. Of course, those bred from a Toy Poodle will be smaller than those bred from a Miniature Poodle.

The dark eyes of the Westiepoo are rounded and portray an alert and pleasant expression. Their ears are rarely erect like those of the Westie, and most breed members will have ears that flop down and hang to the side of their face. Their dark noses complement their eyes and will be relatively large, sitting at the end of their straight muzzle.